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Twill members earn $5-20K for every recommended hire upon acceptance of the role.
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Twill members are vetted engineering, product, growth and sales professionals.
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Apply by telling us a little about you and your areas of expertise.


Twill will review your application. If you're the right fit, we'll send you an email.


Fill out your profile.


When roles that fit your profile open up, we'll send you an email with the qualifications.


Submit your friends, peers, and former direct reports who you think would be a fantastic fit.


If the hiring manager wants to meet them, make a warm introduction to Twill.


If your recommended candidate is hired, earn between $5,000 - $20,000 (depending on the level.)


Rinse and repeat steps 4-7!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is contingent search?

Contingent search is a recruitment model where Twill members are only paid upon the successful placement of a candidate for your job.

In other words, companies don’t pay anything unless we successfully find you the right candidate. It’s a low risk pay-for-performance model.

What happens if hires leave after placement?

We find you a new candidate. For no additional cost.

While most recruiting agencies offer 90 days guarantees, we offer 180 days – so you can really ensure your hire is the right fit.

Are there any "real" recruiters on Twill?


We have expert product leaders, software engineers and sellers that recruit peers within their networks for your job. 

This means better talent with a better fit, because Twill members put their social capital at stake to fill your roles.

How long does it take to hire through Twill?

Time to fill a position can vary depending on the complexity of the role and the availability of your team to interview, but we average 90 days or less.

Can clients provide feedback on candidates?

Yes, we encourage it. The more feedback, the faster we fill your role.

How are Twill members paid?

Twill members earn up to 50% of the placement fee.

For talent they've worked with directly and personally vouch for, this takes as little as a call and referral, but taps into their expertise and social capital to fit the perfect expert to the right opportunity.

This translates to significant income for activities members often do anyway (finding their friends great jobs), and ensures companies get stellar talent, fast.

What happens if more than one member refers the same candidate?

We will consider the member that submitted the candidate first as the member to be paid.

How are contingent search fees structured?

Your first hire is on us – sort of: it's a $10K flat fee, no matter the level – so you can test the water with us.

After that, every hire is a flat rate that depends on the level. Never pay a % of salary again.

Why should I hire with Twill?

We don’t have generalist recruiters.

Twill members are active product leaders, software engineers and star sellers that hand pick their peers for your job.

Top talent not actively searching for a job doesn’t pick up the phone for generalist recruiters that spam their inboxes. But they hang out with Twill members after work.

How do companies work with Twill? 

After sending a job request to Twill, members will recommend their peers. You select candidates for interviews based on your schedule. 

Each company is assigned a dedicated account manager who is available around the clock for status calls, daily/weekly reports, and pipeline calibration and review.

You’re also able to chat directly with Twill members about their talent, ask questions, and tap into their knowledge.

What is required to become a Twill member?

Twill members apply to join our network.

We only accept stellar individual contributors and managers – focusing on engineering, product and sales.

Accepted members typically have 8+ years experience, deep networks and expertise, and impressive accomplishments vetted by Twill.

How are contingent and retained search different?

In contingent search, you’re only paying a fee if a candidate is hired, whereas retained search involves an upfront fee. Reach out to us if you’re interested in learning more.

As a member, what if I want to apply for a role myself?

Members can only refer other talent for a role. But, you can ask a friend to sign up and refer you (membership is free!)

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Saas Webflow Template - Basel - Designed by Azwedo.com and Wedoflow.com
Saas Webflow Template - Basel - Designed by Azwedo.com and Wedoflow.com